Press Release – Tulix Launches Super Low Latency CDN


July 18, 2022, Atlanta GA, USA - Tulix is proud to announce the launch of its Super Low Latency CDN.  Tulix Super Low Latency CDN is powered by Web RTC and available for trial and use on  Web RTC offers the best option for low latency streaming and times often average around 500 milliseconds.  WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication.  Web RTC is a free and open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications real-time communication, or RTC, through APIs (application programming interfaces).  Web RTC is particularly useful when it comes to video transport and video CDNs.  This, and the open source aspect of Web RTC, is why Tulix decided to build its low latency option on it.  Web RTC will continually improve and constantly evolve.  Web RTC enables apps to work inside web pages by enabling direct peer-to-peer communication.  This eliminates the need to install plugins or download native apps.  Web RTC is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera.  This group of companies covers all the main browsers in use globally. 


Dr. George Bokuchava, Co-Founder and CEO of Tulix stated, “There is a lot of noise about low latency streaming and CDNs in the marketplace.  Low latency streaming is definitely important, and an open source standard supported by Google, Microsoft and Apple covers all the bases and provides an easy to use and low cost option for our clients.”  Nino Doijashvili Ph.D., Co-Founder and EVP of Tulix had this to add, “Tulix clients are very excited about this new service and will benefit from real time streaming with under one second latency.  This service is perfect for our sports channel clients and auction channel customers as well.  Our Super Low Latency CDN using Web RTC has applications in the medical field, gaming, betting and more.  And so far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.” 


Besides auction channels, sports channels, betting streaming companies and gamers, other typical video CDN customers also can make use of Web RTC and the Tulix Super Low Latency CDN.  Medical institutions have long required low latency streaming.  Low latency streaming for shopping channels is a common requirement.  Their customers want to see transactions in close to real time.  Other use cases are internal streaming for broadcasters to enable close to real time viewing for monitoring purposes or even for remote editing and production applications like REMI or REMote Integration.  Real time communication and synchronized reception is guaranteed with Web RTC and required by all the above applications and use cases.  Tulix is inviting anyone to try a demo at   Existing customers or potential customers can also reach out to us at our general Tulix email mailbox that is monitored 24/7/365. 


About Tulix

Tulix has been providing streaming solutions and services since the start of streaming video.  We provide live event streaming with low latency, OTT, and IPTV solutions, plus TullixCDN, a low cost and efficient content delivery network.  Tulix offers video playout and cloud origination from our data center suitable for all types of content owners.  Tulix also has FAST and FAST network and channel services and partners with portals for aggregating and monetizing streaming channels and content.  Tulix provides end to end video delivery services and platforms that include transcoding, content management, monetization and billing, analytics, security, and apps for viewers and subscribers.  We serve content owners, broadcasters, OTT and IPTV operators, enterprises, house of worship and live event streaming customers.  Tulix services make streaming, video delivery, and providing content to viewers and subscribers easy and cost effective.  Please contact Tulix at anytime for video streaming and CDN solutions, for channel origination, or for launching FAST TV channels and more.