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The TulixCDN


Our Network

Unlike traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), which were initially built for static content delivery and tried to adapt their existing technology for live streaming, the TulixCDN was built from the ground up to provide optimal video streaming. We created an entirely new streaming architecture, purpose-built to address the intricacies of live streaming, which lets us provide pristine video quality to viewers worldwide near-instantly.

What makes our CDN different


low video loading is one of the biggest causes of viewer abandonment. Our route-optimization system is specifically tuned to find the fastest and highest quality path to the viewer, ensuring rapid loading times in every part of the world.

We operate our CDN and cloud services from our primary data centers in Atlanta, where we have direct access to all major internet backbones. Unlike traditional CDNs, who host servers in the data centers of other companies, we have direct control over the entire CDN infrastructure, with staff on site to provide near-instant support.

Planning a live event with a large number of concurrent viewers? Concerned about the impact future subscriber growth may have on your services? Rest assured that with a 10Gbps server architecture and direct connections to the largest internet exchange in the Southeast, our CDN can scale comfortably and quickly.

The TulixCDN excels at streaming live and VOD content of all formats. It also supports a powerful suite of cloud services, including content management, linear stream playout, transcoding, and more.

Video Delivery Network