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NABSHOW Interview

Click here to watch Tulix CEO, George Bokuchava discuss projects completed in the last year and what is to come for future streaming. Topics include Advance OTT Infrastructure for Tier One content, Live Streaming Events in 4K HDR, 8K HDR Linear Playout solution and how 5G technology will change the game for streaming.

Digital Distribution and Monetization

We provide a complete, end-to-end solution for content management, monetization, and digital distribution. All you need is the content, we’ll help you stream and monetize it on all screens, anywhere in the world.

Digital Distribution

The Tulix Digital Distribution Platform lets you stream live, linear, and VOD content to viewers all around the world. It includes a powerful content management system for publishing streams to websites and applications, all supported by the TulixCDN, a state-of-the art network configured and optimized specifically to provide pristine video streaming.


The Tulix Monetization Engine lets you generate revenue from your streamed live, linear, and VOD content with subscription, pay-per-view, and ad-insertion. Manage your customers with a versatile administration system and view detailed stats to make informed business decisions. Our billing & monetization system integrates with all major devices to create a smooth user experience on every platform.

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