In the evolving landscape of digital streaming, OTT (Over-the-Top) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service operators are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their content delivery and monetization strategies. At Tulix, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider in the streaming technology sphere, and we offer an integrated, end-to-end streaming solution designed to empower content providers to fully leverage their digital assets across all devices, ensuring a seamless and profitable viewer experience.

Comprehensive Streaming Solutions

Tulix's robust platform caters to both OTT and IPTV service operators, facilitating the distribution of content over the Internet or through closed networks. The platform supports a wide array of content types, including live broadcasts, linear TV, DVR capabilities, and Video On Demand (VOD), providing a versatile foundation for launching a pay-TV business or a multi-channel service offering. With Tulix, content providers are equipped with the tools necessary to generate revenue through subscription models, pay-per-view events, and targeted ad-insertions, optimizing their earnings potential.

Global Content Distribution with TulixCDN

At the heart of Tulix's offering is its proprietary Content Delivery Network (TulixCDN), engineered to deliver an unparalleled live streaming experience. By utilizing advanced route optimization technology, TulixCDN ensures the efficient distribution of video content along the fastest global backbones, minimizing latency and buffering issues. This dedication to quality extends to the platform's ability to ingest any source feed, including RTMP, HLS, and MPEG-TS, among others, seamlessly converting them into formats compatible with a wide range of devices.

Viewer Engagement and Monetization

Tulix goes beyond mere content delivery, offering a suite of tools designed to enhance viewer engagement and facilitate content monetization. The platform supports the development of custom, branded applications for major platforms such as Roku, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV, complete with integrated security, authentication, and monetization features. This approach not only extends the reach of content providers but also provides a direct channel for revenue generation through subscription services, pay-per-view offerings, and strategic ad placements.

Advanced Security and Analytics

Understanding the importance of content security and analytics, Tulix offers advanced token authentication mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access, coupled with geo-restriction capabilities to control content distribution. The Tulix Streaming Analytics Suite presents a comprehensive overview of viewer behavior, device usage, and geographical reach, empowering content providers with actionable insights to refine their content offerings and monetization strategies.

Streamlined Implementation and Support

Recognizing the challenges associated with building a streaming solution from scratch, Tulix provides a complete package that includes all necessary components, from encoders and middleware to app development. This turnkey solution simplifies the technical landscape for content providers, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives while Tulix handles the technical intricacies. With a commitment to rapid deployment, Tulix can launch a fully customized streaming solution in as little as two weeks, ensuring a swift entry-to-market in a competitive industry.

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