There are many reasons to launch your own app to monetize video content and serve a wider audience.  At Tulix in addition to being a CDN and an OVP we also provide customized streaming apps. 


In this blog we would like to highlight the top 5 features of our streaming apps.  They are as follows:

1.       Support for any platform

2.       Built in CMS

3.       Built in monetization

4.       Built in analytics

5.       Delivery is the highest priority


Before getting into our top 5 features let’s take a step back and review some definitions of acronyms and terms that typically come up when discussing streaming apps, streaming platforms, streaming TV, and OTT (over the top) video delivery. 

·         UI stands for user interface.  The UI is the app or application itself and what the viewer or user sees and interacts with. 

·         UX stands for user experience.  We speak about UX when discussing the interaction between the user and the app. 

·         OVP stands for online video platform.  An OVP hosts your content, streams your content, inserts ads, schedules linear playout if needed, delivers on demand or VOD content, and much more. 

·         CMS stands for content management system.  CMS is a software tool that allows you to manage all your various content, artwork (like thumbnails) and meta data and descriptions about your video. 

·         CDN stands for content delivery network.  A CDN is a network used to deliver content quickly, reliably and cost effectively.  CDNs typically cache content on servers at exchange points between different networks and in different parts of the world. 

·         SSP stands for supply side platform.  We use the term SSP when discussing ad insertion.  SSPs are software-based platforms that sell advertising in an automated fashion and work with ad insertion servers located at an OVP or in the cloud. 


Top 5 Features and Advantages of Tulix Customized Streaming Apps


1)      Support For Any Platform

When it comes to apps for OTT you need them to be available on all platforms.  Tulix has all the major ones covered including Roku, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV.  We can also address customized apps for specific smart TVs and can assist you when it comes to webOS for LGTV, Tizen for Samsung, and SmartCast for Vizeo.  We also partner with GiaTV ( an online portal and content aggregator to provide FAST / Free Ad Supported TV and VOD / video on demand content. 


2)      Built in CMS

We defined CMS above.  It is absolutely essential to have a good CMS tool to manage all your video, meta data, and related content.  At Tulix this is part of the base offer.  It is not something that adds to the expense and the effort of designing a solution. 


3)      Built in Monetization

If you are going to stream you want to make money at it.  Tulix has set up countless subscription models for live streaming and on demand content.  We can also help with generating ad revenue and FAST solutions.  We can deploy systems that work with ad supply side servers from providers like Google Ad Manager, SpotX, SpringServe, OpenX, and Xandr. 


4)      Built in Analytics

We also provide analytics and metrics about live and on demand streaming out of the gate.  We will help you track and measure how many viewers you have, what they watched, how long they viewed content, and where they are located.  We can also let you know what platform was used for viewing (Roku, Android, Fire, etc.). 


5)      Delivery is Priority #1

If your viewers can not get your content, they cannot watch it.  Tulix was founded as a CDN so we always think about reliable video delivery before we think of anything else.  We build our apps to work hand in hand with our CDN or any CDN.  We can even integrate tools like multi CDN functionality into our apps if required. 


Want to learn more? 

We trust you enjoyed and appreciated our Top 5 Features and Advantages of Tulix Customized Streaming Apps List.  We truly enjoy being and App Developer, in addition to being an OVP and CDN.  Our experiences and skills derived from being an OVP and CDN make us a better App Developer.  This is because we look at the entire ecosystem and begin with the end in mind … and that end is delivering awesome content to viewers.  If you would like to discuss this topic or any other when it comes to streaming services, please reach out to us here (