OTT stands for Over the Top.” Its a way of providing television and film content over the internet. If you are confused, think of popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu. These are popular types of OTT services. In the most basic terms, its a media service that uses the internet to provide you TV and movies. OTT services are by far the most popular way that people view a video on the internet. Currently, Netflix is the most effective OTT service out there.


What Does an OTT Service Offer?

OTT services are so popular because they offer users several opportunities that they dont get with cable TV. OTT has become so popular that an entire movement called Cord Cutting had been formed. Lets look at OTT services best features.


You Can Avoid Commercials

Some OTT services eliminate commercials, but it depends on the platform. Popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime come to your computer screen free of commercial interruptions. Who doesnt love that? Unfortunately, on Amazon Prime and Netflix, you wont get the most current tv shows. Youll need to shift to an OTT service like Hulu to watch the most recent TV shows. With platforms like Hulu, youll have to upgrade to a premium subscription to eliminate commercials.


You Can Combine Services for More Access

OTT services allow you to sign up for as many as you want so you can have access to, well, everything. You can also split the subscriptions between a household to save money. That means you can subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and even Disney Plus for access to almost all the television out there, and you still wont pay what you did for cable TV.


Popular platforms like Hulu and Disney Plus even offer combination subscriptions to make it even less expensive. Popular service providers in other industries also sometimes include OTT services as part of their plan, as T-Mobile does with Netflix.



How Can I Access an OTT Service?

You need internet service to access OTT. Youll most likely need a high-speed connection, or youll be plagued by obnoxious buffering and not be able to watch your movie uninterrupted. Thankfully there are multiple ways to access OTT services with the rise of technology once you have a solid internet connection.


Smart TVs

Technology did televisions a favor. Now instead of having to stream your favorite OTT services on your computer, you can purchase a TV that has the applications preinstalled. Every standard Smart TV comes with traditional OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Dont see the app you want? No worries, you can typically add all of the available OTT apps out there by checking out the Smart TV on the application library.


Rokus, Chromecasts, and Other Devices

Before Smart TVs became famous, third-party devices like Roku and Chromecast transformed an ordinary TV and turned it into a Smart TV quickly. If you dont want to invest in television that will cost you a few hundred dollars, Roku and Chromecast will only run you about $30-$50.


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