ATLANTA, GA – June 28, 2016- Tulix Systems, a leading provider of end-to-end over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions and CDN services, today announced that it has begun offering application development for Apple TV. The new Apple TV deployments are fully integrated with Tulix’s entire OTT solution, meaning content providers can stream and monetize their live, linear, and VOD content through their own branded applications. The announcement was made following the successful launch of Tulix’s first Apple TV application for Guda.TV, a subscription streaming television service that is powered entirely by Tulix’s truly end-to-end OTT system.

Tulix develops streaming applications for all major OTT platforms, including Android, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and iOS. Apple TV launched in 2007, but the platform has only recently opened up for content providers to submit their own applications. With millions of users, Apple TV had long been a targeted device by Tulix, and the company worked quickly to integrate its full solution once the platform opened up to developers.

 “Our responsibility is to help our customers reach as many viewers as possible in the most cost-effective manner,” said Nino Doijashvili, Tulix EVP. “Our OTT solution is one of the few options on the market that really focuses on the business logic and robust back-end that allow content providers to successfully monetize. We couple that core infrastructure with apps on all major devices, and knew that Apple TV is a well-established platform that broadcasters and content owners will absolutely want to reach. The core OTT/IPTV infrastructure that we provide makes it very easy to expand to different platforms with apps that are designed into the foundation of the system.”

This announcement follows a lengthy research and development phase which involved ensuring that all components of Tulix’s OTT solution would be fully integrated with the new apps. Tulix’s live, linear, and VOD content management systems are fully compatible with the platform, and synchronize content across Apple TV and all other OTT platforms developed by the company. All applications support the whole spectrum of streaming services Tulix offers, including subscription and pay-per-view monetization, cloud DVR archiving, linear playout, adaptive bitrate streaming, and more.

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