Atlanta GA, March 30, 2015  Tulix Systems is announcing to the market its continued support for Windows Media Streaming Server (IIS) on Windows Server 2003.  Tulix Systems wants all interested parties to be aware  that it can still support customers wanting to use Windows Media Streaming Server even in light of the recent Microsoft announcement to discontinue support of Windows Servers 2003 and the push to move streaming customers to Microsoft Azure.  Tulix Systems will support RTSP over HTTP for these customers.  RTMP streaming is also supported.

This capability and service is available now.
  Unlike other major CDN providers, who will no longer support Windows Streaming Server, Tulix Systems is able to support customers wishing to maintain their existing streaming infrastructure.  Tulix Systems expects that many organizations will want to maintain their current in-house streaming infrastructure and not move to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  In particular corporate and enterprise customers will find this support of high interest.  Moving an in house streaming infrastructure to one that is managed in the cloud is no small undertaking. 

Companies and organizations who find themselves not wanting make this migration or who find themselves working with CDNs who will no longer support Windows Media Server should feel free to contact Tulix immediately to begin a seamless migration.
  Tulix offers very competitive CDN services which are quite economical.  Combining the ability to leave current infrastructure in place plus paying less for overall CDN services will yield a significant ROI on services for entities who take advantage of this continued support. 

Nino Doijashvili, EVP and Co Founder, of Tulix Systems states that, “we are happy to offer this continued support of Windows Media Server.
  We believe that with this support Tulix Systems will expand the number of corporate and enterprise customers and we have already had a significant uptick in these types of customers, adding major Financial and IT services companies to our customer list.” 

About Tulix Systems:

Tulix Systems is a global leader in digital video distribution and monetization.  We utilize our own CDN infrastructure, designed and built from the ground up specifically for pristine video distribution.  We help broadcasters and content owners stream and monetize live, linear, and VOD content globally on all devices with our end-to-end OTT/IPTV solutions. Learn more at