Cloud CMS

To ensure security of their content, Tulix’s OTT Version 2 includes AES Encryption, which provides end-to-end content protection for live and on demand streaming. Additionally, the solution offers EPG Implementation, which allows for seamless integration with electronic program guides to provide users with easy access to program guides and information.

Over The Top (OTT)

Over The Top (OTT) has been a buzzword for the past few years, challenging Traditional Pay TV operators. Tulix was among the first tech companies who started building the technology and backend services for the Content aggregators (multiple channels) who wanted to monetize via subscription. It was our mission to build it from scratch, and we made it very simple.

All you need to provide is the sources of the channels (logo, description), payment engine account (PayPal, stipe, square, and content for the website - logos, images, colors, etc.

Everything else will be designed, completed, and delivered to you as a service within 4 to 6 weeks. From the first day your OTT platform is launched, you can start collecting subscriptions right to your bank account. Our business model will allow you to build the business plan because you will know your technology cost from the beginning and there are no ongoing surprise technology expenses.

CDN and Storage
Video or Audio File Encoding

Features of the technology we are providing include:

  • Channel (Content) Management platform - where channels can be listed with streaming links, logos, descriptions, and destinations to be viewed like a web app, Mobile applications (iOS and Android), and Connected TV applications (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV)
  • CMS - subscriber management platform - manage subscribers with an easy interface and everything you need to follow up with any subscriber at any given moment, no manual work needed
  • Payment Gateway – We integrate with the payment gateway that the content owner provides
  • Distribution with multiple CDNs around the globe

Let’s go into the details of channel source creation - there are multiple ways to present channels:

  • Traditional broadcast channels and sources can be sent to Tulix in many ways: RTMP, HLS, SRT, etc. content can be as an output from Broadcasters’ playouts or directly from the venue/cameras, and more.
  • Channel origination - Building Linear channels out of VOD content – The tools that Tulix has created are modern and specifically designed for streamers, and content creators who never had a broadcast experience. We can help to build multiple channels or an entire network for content creators.
  • VOD content - Tulix can host, organize and present VOD content. We do follow the Cable 1 standard.
WebUI and FTP for Upload