Dec 1, 2022 – Tulix (Atlanta, GA) and WiseDV (San Diego, CA) have joined forces to power Hollywire’s channel to be distributed on SamsungTV Plus plans throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.


With easy, transparent, and scalable workflow, WiseDV and Tulix can now fulfill any requirements of Hollywire Connected TV and OTT Network. The channel origination is done by WiseDV’s cloud playout WisePlay - the most feature-rich FAST TV channel creation tool on the market today. Hollywire now has more features, graphics, and news crawl overlays than ever before, while the time needed to create the weekly schedules has decreased about 4-5 times. WisePlay also generates required continuously updating EPG.


On the delivery side, Tulix’s CDN sends WiseDV’s WiseCoder-generated HLS feed with three H.264 profiles for Samsung TV Plus in the USA and Mexico, while five HEVC(H.265) profiles for Samsung TV Plus in Brazil with specific frame-accurate SCTE-35 markers.


This partnership provides Hollywire with the opportunity for future expansion at a global scale.


For its part, Tulix is also utilizing its cloud infrastructure, failover networks, and CDN to send the streams to each international destination.


“Working with WiseDV to build the channel origination workflow for Hollywire has been a privilege,” says Tulix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Nino Doijashvili. “WiseDV provides us with all of the sophisticated playout automation and AI tools that we need to create visually compelling OTT channels much more efficiently than any other platform we have seen. We’re looking forward to the future expansions of this project and even more opportunities to deliver new content to new audiences. We are excited to see what comes next for Hollywire, WiseDV, and Tulix.”


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About Tulix

Tulix is a streaming technology incubator that supports innovators, investors, and enterprises by providing guidance and resources for internet video strategy and technology. Tulix was recently named one of the Top 50 Streaming Companies by Streaming Media.


About Hollywire

Since its launch in 2010, HollyWire has become the premier destination for pop culture news and celebrity interviews. Hollywire news channel is available on Samsung TV Plus channel 1107. Hollywire is working with and identifying the next generation of celebrities and global influencers.



About WiseDV

WiseDV is an agile technology developer of sophisticated tools for FAST channel origination, ad insertion systems, OTT Platforms, Virtual production studio, and Live sports/game streaming with a Watch party. It has created the building blocks to design various possible workflows. The WisePlay cloud-based platform is a premier solution to originate upscale FAST channels with complex dynamic graphics, unmatched workflow efficiency, and multi-profile HLS streams with AVC or HEVC.


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