There are many benefits of live streaming and there are advantages to using it across many types of organizations.  Media companies and content rights owners can use it for event streaming.  Corporations and enterprises of all sizes also benefit.  Spiritual and house of worship organizations can also utilize live event streaming.  Partnering with a reliable OVP or online video platform can greatly improve the odds for successful events and provide the best streaming service.  Working with a reliable CDN or content delivery network when starting streaming tv services is also a good strategy. 


The most common uses for live event streaming we see at Tulix are media companies and content owners streaming live events, news, and sports.  Increasingly, although it is not live content, many are also streaming linear content to provide viewers a lean back experience and leveraging FAST or Free Ad Supported TV.  Corporate users of live event streaming tend to migrate towards company town hall meetings or services and product launches when conducting live event streaming.  Spiritual and house of worship organizations typically leverage live event streaming for services. 


In our experience we have found that no matter the organization, typically they find these 6 key benefits and advantages of live event streaming and streaming tv services. 


Video Monetization

Whether it is from charging for viewing writes or leveraging FAST / Free Ad Supported TV, content rights owners can monetize their live event streaming.  House of worship clients who have leveraged streaming services frequently increase donations and collections.  Enterprise and corporate customers monetize event streaming the least.  However, when it comes to service or product launches, they can monetize these by having new customers subscribe or make purchases. 


Cost Effective

Streaming TV services are very cost effective.  All the elements of live event streaming rely on common IT, IP and web protocols which are well known and widely supported.  Shopping for the best OVP / online video platform and CDN / content delivery network will also help too.  There are many options out there and good fits for specific types of organizations users.  At Tulix we combine both these services, making our offer in this area very cost effective – but we digress. 


Wider Audience

Because all the elements of live event streaming rely on common IT, IP and web protocols, organizations who leverage streaming TV services can cast a very wide net and capture a large audience.  Promoting an event with SEO, SEM and PPC (pay per click), digital marketing can drive audience participation.  Social media is also a great place to promote event streaming.  Digitally promoting events on the same platform users will watch it, the internet, makes tons of sense. 


Reach Audience on Any Device

One of the beautiful aspects of streaming tv services and leveraging an OVP and CDN to assist is that organizations that conduct live event streaming can serve viewers wherever they want to watch content.  That may be on a smart TV, or one with an OTT device attached, and it might also be on a viewer’s phone or tablet.  The flexibility of IP and web protocols pays dividends in this regard. 


Reliable Worldwide Delivery

IP and web protocols and using a CDN / content delivery network also lets organizations serve viewers, customers, parishioners, and employees wherever they are.  The benefit to content rights owners, enterprise, and house of worship is obvious and compelling when it comes to the global capabilities of today’s best streaming service and services. 


Obtain Analytics

The last benefit we will point out in this blog is the ability to get analytics and metrics about live event streaming.  Organizations will be able to measure how many viewers they had, how long they viewed, where they are located, as well as what type of device and browser they used.  These are just the basics.  Additional metrics can be measured, and dashboards can be created for specific business or organization requirements. 


Want to Learn More? 

Clearly there are many benefits to live event streaming.  The ability to monetize content, stream cost effectively, reach customers globally, serve them on whatever device they are on – plus measure all of this, are just the top benefits we have found.  There are many more.  As we mentioned earlier, partnering with a reliable OVP or online video platform can greatly improve the odds for successful events.  Working with a CDN or content delivery network when starting streaming services also helps.  At Tulix we offer both OVP and CDN services cost effectively and flexibly.  If you would like to discuss this topic or any other when it comes to streaming services, please reach out to us here (