Underdog streaming platform Tulix is turning heads with its cutting-edge streaming capabilities. Recently, they've garnered enough attention with their impressive self-built platform that Streaming Media has named them among the top 50 most important companies in online video tech. This is the fourth time Tulix has been named in this list.

"They're not one of the bigger companies on the list, but they treat every customer like a big three network," Streaming Media said, acknowledging Tulix's commitment to service and quality.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. George Bokuchava and Dr. Nino Doijashvili, Tulix provides end-to-end OTT streaming solutions to a broad range of consumers from large-scale enterprise organizations to small businesses. They serve anyone looking to streamline and optimize their live events, broadcasts, and other viewing needs.

"We feel honored to be featured in this list," said Doijashvili. "We work hard to provide the best quality video streaming out there, so this recognition lets us know we're on the right track."

Dedicated to creating a top-tier platform, the founders of Tulix didn't follow the standard path of selling their service and then outsourcing the development. Instead, they built their software from the ground up to pioneer an incomparable suite of streaming services. This includes TulixCDN, a revolutionary content delivery network they created to provide ideal video streaming.

Tulix's unique platform utilizes a route-optimization system programmed to locate the fastest and highest quality path to the viewer, guaranteeing near-instant loading times globally. Tulix also provides scalability with their 100 Gbps + server/network architecture — which is 9,400% faster than the average speed in America — and their connections to the largest internet exchange in the southeast.

Tulix is based in Atlanta with data centers around the world, and only continues to grow. At Tulix, their team is consistently building and developing to stay ahead in the ever-changing streaming market.

TULIX provides innovators, investors, and enterprises with products, resources, and guidance on strategy, infrastructure, technology, and business models across the streaming ecosystem. The company leverages innovation from its technology incubator close to Georgia Tech while providing complete and managed streaming solutions from its data centers around the world. While maintaining a presence in Europe, the company operates out of Atlanta, USA, deploying direct-to-consumer premium live video services over its streaming-optimized CDN. For further information, please visit