Media services that use the internet to provide tv and movies have grown in popularity throughout the years. This has been especially true amongst younger generations and those looking to cut the cord and save money on their cable bills. Fast Company even reported that more than 1.3 million homes dropped traditional cable or satellite TV service in 2020. 

One Over-the-top (OTT) service channel has seen measurable growth throughout the past few years, and thats sports. However, many consumers who have yet to cut the cord are hesitant to do so because of sports channels. But little do they know, sports event streaming is the future, delivering high-resolution content and plenty of opportunities for consumers and marketers alike. Let us show you how!

Increased Viewership

Thanks to the pandemic, fans experiencing their favorite team in a stadium filled with thousands of their closest friends got put on hold in 2020. This led many fans to turn to OTT services to get their gameday fix. As the world slowly reopens, some wont be eager to get back out there, giving services plenty of reason to keep live streaming events. 

However, we invite you to consider the future. ReThinkTV reports that sports media streaming rights are expected to hit $85 billion in revenue by 2024. A reason for its popularity is that it caters to those who cant physically attend sports events, but still want the full gameday experience. An additional incentive is that you sustain your ticket sales and increase them when you incorporate a sports OTT service.

Sports Coverage is Changing

Longtime sports fans are familiar with the earlier days of sports coverage, which was limited to radio and newspaper articles. With the introduction of tools like 5G-connected cameras and OTT services, traditional tv sports have been redefined. Sports event streaming is the future because it offers a new perspective in sports broadcasting. 

Not only can fans see their favorite players and highlights with high-definition clarity, but broadcasters also have more mobility to get the best sound clips. This not only makes for better journalism but also enhances the fan experience and drives investment.

Better Personalization for Fans

Contrary to popular belief, there isnt just one kind of sports fan. Such a revelation means that there is a need for greater personalization. Companies can use sports event streaming to expand their reach and unlock completely new targeting, personalization, and advertising opportunities to maximize revenue. 

For example, you can gear a special package toward super fans and offer them premium content like sideline training videos, exclusive access to player Q&As, and more.

Its a Sustainable Trend

Not every flash-in-the-pan idea is built to last, but thats not the case for sports OTT services. Sports event streaming is an enhances to the current traditional tv offering, meaning that it works together with cable services to provide the best viewing experience. Industry experts say that it proves to be to a longstanding part of medias evolution.

Another thing that factors into its sustainability is consumers. By gathering data and monitoring consumer interests, companies can learn more about their target audience and supply them with content that attracts new OTT subscribers and engages existing customers. An excellent example of this Vimeo, which in 2020 saw a 260% increase in hours viewed and 20x more new OTT subscribers.

Keeping You in the Future: Tulix Systems

The future of sports is undoubtedly in OTT services. Sports event streaming allows fans from around the world to watch video content whenever and wherever they please. Its a trend that many companies and organizations should invest in, as it enables brands to craft their own platforms and engage their consumers with high-resolution content. Tulix Systems provides end-to-end streaming solutions for live and on-demand video to any screen. 

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