Whether you are streaming a basketball game or a work event, a live stream can be a tricky matter. With several variables like having a reliable internet connection and having the right equipment, you’ll want to be sure you have everything in place before the big day. A key element in a successful live event stream is, of course, having the right tools.


Here at Tulix Systems, we provide many tools to ensure your live event stream goes off without a hitch, utilizing several steps to verify that everything is in working order. We’ve compiled a list of five tools you need for a successful live event stream, and if you are looking for a more guided process, consider contacting Tulix to learn how we can create your live event so you can save time and money in the long run.



A Device to Stream From

The first thing you’ll need when setting up your live stream is a capable device to stream from. It can be a laptop or a mobile phone, but the better the equipment, the better the end product will be. Ultimately, a laptop is the best choice. It gives you more flexibility than a desktop, and the quality will always be better than a smartphone.


Any laptop will do, but if you are looking to grow your events in the future, you’ll want something with solid specs and plenty of USB ports for attachments.


A Video Camera

A laptop typically comes pre-built with a webcam and microphone in it, but are they good enough quality for your live stream? If the video quality from your built-in webcam is terrible, the answer is likely no. Even low-end YouTube Influencers invest in a separate video camera to record their clips.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on the best equipment out there but remember that you get what you pay for. You’ll want something with good quality that can broadcast to your audience without being too grainy or pixelated.



Audio Equipment

Just as you wouldn’t rely on a subpar, built-in webcam, you shouldn’t depend on a built-in microphone that leaves you sounding like you’re underwater. Any microphone is better than the one on your computer. When streaming live, a stable audio output will save you in many ways, especially if something goes wrong with the video. Some video cameras come standard with great built-in microphones, so check out the specs before investing in separate audio equipment.



A Video Encoder

Here comes the technical part. Encoders are a necessity for any successful live event stream. They keep the quality of your stream safe when converting your files and keep your videos from constantly buffering. They also ensure that your videos are compatible with any device. Here, at Tulix, we can help you with your live event stream components, including the encoding. We’ll help you find the best configuration and make sure everything is working before the big event.



A Final Streaming Destination

Where will your viewers see your live event? There are tons of platforms out there, some paid and some free. Choosing the right venue to host your event is also vital. Facebook and YouTube are popular social media platforms that give users the option to go live. Microsoft Teams, a popular tool for businesses, allows live event streams for up to 10,000 viewers. Whatever platform you decide to use, Tulix can help you customize your content, so it streams flawlessly on every device and platform.



Tulix Systems

Ready to stream your next live event? Looking to go bigger and bolder? Tulix Systems is here to help you. We handle all the details of your live event stream so that you don’t have to. From encoding to analytics to security, when you choose Tulix, you’ll launch your event knowing every detail has been considered and perfected.


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