Premier live and on-demand video streaming company Teal Balloon is proud to announce the launching of its new live sports streaming subscription service.

Video streaming technology plays an increasingly essential role in our lives and offers a potential solution for countless avenues. Teal Balloon’s subscription-based service offers high-quality, reliable video streaming options for all levels of organized sports, including club teams, AAU, recreation facilities, and K-12 school sponsored programs.

To make this subscription service possible, Teal Balloon has partnered with premier global video delivery company Tulix. It combines Teal Balloon’s end-to-end solution for video content management, monetization, and digital distribution with Tulix’s streaming solutions for live and on-demand video, the subscription-based live streaming and recording service.

This offers a way for people to be virtually present for sporting events, save all video content to one location, and for customers to profit off of their video footage. Teal Balloon’s platform is available on all major devices along with a Roku channel for each client (club owners, athletic directors, team owners).

The client’s customers can choose to purchase a tournament, monthly, or yearly plan. With the subscription, users can watch up to seven (7) days’ worth of content and rewatch all recorded content for those days. With all video, users can clip and download any highlights or matches (up to 60 minutes), share it on social media, or with friends and family. The platform also grants college coaches to create a free account for recruiting purposes.

All content can be streamed from a cellphone with a strong cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If users don’t have an additional mobile device available, they can use devices like GoPro cameras to stream to their audience via Wi-Fi. Such capabilities are excellent for parents who watch their child’s sporting events and want to save highlights of them playing. Coaches can also use the service to review game footage and assess player growth and strategies for improvement.

With security in mind, Teal Balloon has tools in place to protect your intellectual property rights without compromising on the convenient and high-quality experience your viewers expect.

In preparation for Teal Balloon’s product soft launch, interested parties (club owners, school athletic directors, and team owners) can partner with the streaming service for a low monthly or annual fee per subscriber. After the Teal Balloon fee and credit card transaction fee, customers can customize how much to charge their subscribers to then make the profit. There are no set-up fees, making this a great opportunity to drive additional revenue for each organization.

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About TealBalloonTV
Teal Balloon offers a complete, end-to-end solution for video content management, monetization, and digital distribution. Through their platform, users can stream, monetize, record, and download video highlight clips. College coaches can also make free accounts.

About Tulix
Tulix provides innovators, investors, and enterprises with products, resources, and guidance on strategy, infrastructure, technology, and business models across the streaming ecosystem. The company leverages innovation from its technology incubator close to Georgia Tech. Tulix provides complete and managed streaming solutions from its data centers around the world. With a presence in Europe, the company operates out of Atlanta, USA, deploying direct-to-consumer premium live video services over its streaming-optimized CDN.